Keywords & Category Tracking

No more guessing games! Use ASO Dragon’s keyword tools to research what keywords you should target in Google and the App Store. Gain useful insight on the keywords your competitors are targeting and get relevant keyword recommendations based on in-depth industry analyses.

Keywords Tracking

The ASO Dragon App Store Optimization platform supports the two most popular mobile app stores, Apple’s App Store and Google Play. With the app store keyword tool, you can track your organic rankings in the app stores for each keyword to continue optimizing every step of the way. Use the app store keyword research tool to get keyword suggestions for both app stores based on your audience search per market, allowing you to quickly increase your app’s visibility, downloads, and revenue.

Category Tracking

Category tracking is often overlooked, though it plays an important part in your ASO strategy. Use our app store category tool to view your category rankings in different stores and markets and learn what changes your need to make to maximize exposure to your app. Get real-time tracking along with a ranking history for every category you’re interested in and promote your app more efficiently.