What is ASO?

ASO stands for App Store Optimization, and it refers to the process of getting your app to rank higher in the app store (e.g. Google Play, Apple’s App Store, etc.) in order to get more exposure and more downloads. The strategy is similar in essence to using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to promote websites in search engines, but revolves around mobile applications. While there are a number of differences between ASO and SEO, the basic strategies remain the same: writing content based on the right keywords. How the keywords are chosen and used is where things get a little bit more complicated and the right tools are required in order to create and implement a working strategy that gets results.

So what is app store optimization? It is a mobile app marketing method and is gaining more and more popularity and users begin moving away from PC and using their mobile phones for everything from games and shopping to browsing websites and work.

Where is ASO Implemented?

Creating an ASO strategy involves a number of techniques and tools with the purpose of promoting the app in the app store. The strategy is created based on in-depth research into your target audience, industry, competitors, and your own app’s success so far. The insights obtained from this research are then implemented in the following areas in the app store:

Keywords in the App Title

The keywords you use in your app’s title can make a huge difference in your ASO results. You have to be creative by writing a title that appeals to your target audience while including keywords that you know they will search for in order to find you.

Keywords in the Description

As with the title, the keywords used in your app’s description affect your app’s ranking. You’ll have more text in this category so you can include more than one keyword, but you still need to make the text appealing enough to get users who read it to download your app.

Keywords in the Meta Tags

Your app’s meta tags include keywords that you know your audience searches for and is relevant to the app itself. You can get suggestions from the ASO Dragon platform and see how each keyword ranks in order to choose the best ones.

Your App’s Icon

Getting users to find your app is just half of the work, the other half involves getting them to download. An appealing and relevant icon will get you more downloads than no icon at all or one that is not appealing to your type of audience.

Your App’s Screenshots

It is important to add a number of screenshots to your app because it is proven that apps with screenshots get more downloads. Choose screenshots that show your app in the best light and make sure they are high quality images.

Your App’s Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings from users influence how your app is ranked and bad reviews can prevent new potential users from downloading. It is very important to monitor your reviews in order to fix problems that users are mentioning and add features that users want. Monitoring competitors’ reviews can give you a huge advantage by providing insights into features users want that your competitors don’t yet have so that you can beat them to it.

How do you start creating and implementing your ASO strategy?

Using the ASO Dragon tool, users can gain insights into what keywords their competitors are using and how well it is working for them in order to get new keyword ideas. The ASO Dragon platform also provides keyword suggestions based on your target audience, category, and even location if you are targeting a market in a specific country. The same goes for categories, which is just as important as keywords because they greatly influence how many people are exposed to your app on a daily basis.