Optimizing the App Title

Adding keywords to your app title is a crucial part of your app store optimization strategy and not a lot of app publishers are doing it. That’s actually great news for you because it means that by doing this simple step, you can stay ahead of your competitors!

Writing the Right App Title

There is more to this than simply stuffing your app title with keywords. Your app title has two main functions:

  • Help your app get found by ranking higher in search results.
  • Get people interested in your app once they find it.

That means that you have to write your app title in a way that includes important keywords and is appealing to users who read it, and that isn’t as easy as it seems!

How to Write the Perfect App Title

Before you start writing your app title, give it a little thought and come up with a number of options so that you have more than one to choose from.

Below are a few tips to consider when you write your app title:

Keep it Relevant

While your app title should include keywords, it should also be understandable by those who read it. Write a title that will include keywords naturally in the title and test it on friends and colleagues to see if the title helps the user understand what your app is about.

A good example is the Duolingo application in the Apple App Store. Their title is “Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free“. The title includes the keyword “Learn Languages”, which they rank first in. It is very readable and easy to understand, and it is clear to users that this is an app called “Duolingo” that helps people learn languages for free.

Keep it Short

There is a character limit for your app title, so you have to get very creative in order to write one that is appealing, includes your important keyword, and is concise and short. Technically, the Apple App Store allows up to 100 characters, but only 32 characters can be seen in the search results so try to keep your title from going over 32 characters. This isn’t always easy and getting a copywriter can come in handy because it is very much like writing a tagline or slogan that is short, understandable, and includes the necessary keyword.

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Obviously you have to add keywords to your app title, but since you’re limited in space you are most likely only going to be able to add one keyword. You don’t want to stuff your title with too many keywords because that will take away from its readability and length so give this step a lot of thought before making a decision. Use an app store keyword tracking tool to do thorough research and choose the best and most important one.

Don’t Add the Company Name

It is natural to want to add the company name to your app’s title, but there is no need. There is a different field for the company name and it is displayed separately with your app so don’t waste any title space on it.

Don’t Change it Too Often

Sometimes you have no choice but to change your app title because results just aren’t good enough or because you are in early stages and need to test what works. In general, however, changing your title isn’t recommended because once your app starts getting downloads, it is cited with the title in reviews and websites. By refraining from changing your title, you potentially increase reach so put a lot of effort into writing a title you won’t want to change every week.

Don’t be discouraged by the research and writing skills required to get this done properly. ASO Dragon provides you with everything you need to write the perfect app title. Take advantage of the fact that most of your competitors have not written an optimized app title, which will allow you to climb up the app store ranks much more easily.

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