Your App’s Description

Writing a good app description can help you get more downloads because it engages potential users and convinces them to try your app out. While your app’s title is meant to bring in traffic and get more people to discover your app, the description’s main purpose is to get them to download though it still influences your app’s ranking.

The Importance of Your App’s Description

It is a misconception that an app’s description is not important. A bad or non-existent description can make the difference between an “ok” ASO strategy and a winning one that gets you the results you’re aiming for. The App Store ranks your app according to the keywords in your title and meta-tags, which has led many to believe that the description is not relevant to the app store keyword optimization process. The ranking algorithm does not rely on the keywords you use alone, but also on your download stats. By writing a strong description and getting more downloads, you will rank higher in the App Store.

Google Play, on the other hand, ranks according to keywords in your title and description so it is important to make your description compelling and include the keywords you are targeting.

How to Write a Successful App Description

There are a few things to consider when writing your app’s description:


As previously mentioned, you’ll want to add keywords in the description. Choose them using an app store keyword tracking tool but don’t add them at all costs and don’t stuff them at the expense of the text itself. Your ultimate goal is to get people to download your app, so make sure the keywords are added in a way that doesn’t lower the description’s readability.

Make it Good

If you’re not a copywriter, you may want to consider hiring one for this specific task. The description should be compelling, short, and to the point. You want the person who reads it to understand what your app does and what its benefits are, and you want them to want your app. It’s not easy to do this if you don’t have experience writing good copy, it’s an art that requires quite a lot of experience but it is worth the investment. A good description can be the difference between zero downloads and thousands.

Captivate From the Beginning

A long description is sometimes necessary, but you should consider that most users won’t read it. That means that the first 2-4 lines of your description should include all of the information required to get a user to download or to keep reading. It should be captivating, convincing, and informative so that you don’t miss out on those who don’t feel like reading the whole thing.

Add a Call to Action

In the end, you need to tell people what to do after reading your description. Tell them what action you’d like them to take and try out different versions to see what works best. Possible options to consider are: Download Now, Tap to Install, Try it Now, etc.

Add Awards or Mentions

If your app was mentioned somewhere popular, got an amazing review, or a popular award – mention it! These types of additions increase the chances of a user downloading your app.

Remember to be honest when writing your app’s description, you want it to provide the user with relevant information about your app. Writing a description with the sole purpose of getting downloads without it actually representing your app can lead to negative reviews later on so aim for accurate, enticing, and short! ASO Dragon provides you with useful tools and insights to use in your ASO strategy, including app store optimization tips and techniques you can easily implement to get better results.

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