Improve App Engagement

Your ASO (app store optimization) strategy should include managing and improving your app’s rating. Apps with higher ratings and better reviews rank higher in search results. They also get more downloads because users prefer downloading apps that look popular.

Ask for Ratings – Don’t Badger

Asking your users to rate your app is perfectly fine and is very common. Most apps today have pop-ups that remind users once in a while to rate the app. A lot of developers, however, make the mistake of being too pesky with these requests and forget that they are asking their customers to rate their experience. If you bother them with too many pop-ups, emails, and ads, you have made their experience worse and are actually getting them to write a negative review with a low rating!

So, what do you do?

Think about the customer experience and how they use your app. When is the best time to ask for a review and how should it be done? Think of the text you use to request a review – tell them that their opinion matters and you want to know what they think in order to provide better features!

Make Improvements

Do you read the reviews? Both negative and positive reviews can provide you with very useful insights in how to improve your app to get more downloads and better ratings. The Review Analysis Tool offered by ASO Dragon allows you to track all of your reviews to see if there is a common topic that pops up. Do people complain about loading time, design, or a specific feature? Maybe you can use that information to provide an even better app in your next version. Using the ASO Dragon tool, you can also monitor your competitors’ reviews in order to learn from their mistakes and see what features you should add or remove to get higher ratings and more downloads.

Engage With Your Audience

It is very important to show your users that you see their reviews and care. Respond to negative reviews professionally and offer solutions where possible. If you have a lot of reviews every day, you should consider hiring someone to manage them and provide support. You can use the ASO Dragon platform to respond to reviews and monitor their status.

It All Goes Back to Your App Page

The information provided on your app page (i.e. the description and screenshot) creates expectations with the user. They read about the features and benefits you promise and see beautiful designs in the screenshots so they expect nothing less when downloading the app. If your app doesn’t live up to your app page, you are going to get low ratings. While it is important to write compelling texts and upload beautiful designs, it should all still accurately represent your app to avoid false expectations.

Using the ASO Dragon platform, users can monitor and respond to reviews. You can detect trends in negative and positive reviews for both your app and your competitors’ apps in order to identify opportunities for improvement and to avoid mistakes your competitors have already made. This alone can help you drastically improve your app’s rating, increase conversion rate, and improve app ranking.