Perfect App Keywords

Many developers and publishers don’t put the necessary effort into their keyword strategy. This means doing the brainstorming and research needed to choose the right keywords for your app. In fact, it is common for app publishers to simply type in keywords that they come up with on the spot that seem logical to them and leave it at that. While that is bad for them, it’s great for you because it means your competition just got a whole lot easier to beat!

The Right Way to Choose Keywords

Choosing the right keywords for app store optimization is not a guessing game, it is a process that should be based on facts and numbers if you want an ASO strategy that gets results.

These are the steps involved in choosing keywords to increase downloads:

  • Brainstorming
    This is the only part that’s all about guess work. Make a long list of keywords that come to mind, don’t worry about good or bad keywords at this point – any idea you have should be written down. If you have a team, brainstorm together and get everyone to write a separate list of their own to get even more keyword ideas.
  • Add New Variations
    For each keyword in the list, add other variations like plural and singular, common misspellings, synonyms, etc.
  • Suggestion Tools
    Use the ASO Dragon keyword tool to get even more suggestions and ideas based on your target audience and category.
  • Research Your Audience
    Researching your audience can help you get more ideas for keywords. This includes reviews that they write on your app and your competitors’ apps, content they share on social networks, and more.
  • Research Competitors
    Research your competitors to get more keyword ideas and add them to the list. Use the ASO Dragon LTD platform for a number of very useful competitor analysis tools to get a better idea of what keywords your competitors are using and how each keyword ranks in the app store.
  • Check Your List
    Check the ranking of each keyword on your list to see which are good for your ASO strategy and which aren’t.
  • Choose the Best
    Choose the best keywords and start implementing them in your title, meta-tags, and description.

This sounds like a long and arduous process, but it can be very easy with the right tools. Either way, however long it takes, it is worth it because a huge part of your ASO strategy will rely on the information you gather from this process.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing Your Keywords

Once you have a list of keywords with high rankings relevant to your target audience, you need to choose which ones to use in your ASO strategy. There are a few things to consider before you choose:

  • Apple limits the keyword field to 100 characters so you can’t use your entire list, you need to choose wisely.
  • Consider localized keywords if you are targeting audiences in specific countries.
  • Don’t add your company name or app name to the keyword list, the app store will do that automatically.
  • Certain keywords to avoid: offensive words, brand names that are not trademarked to you, and keywords not related to your app.
  • Don’t automatically choose the highest ranking keywords. Think about how hard it will be to rank high for each keyword. What is the competition for each keyword? You may want to consider lower ranking keywords first if the very high ranking ones include apps you can’t compete against.

Using Google Play and iOS App Store Optimization Tools for your Keyword Research

ASO Dragon provides mobile marketers with many tools to help them choose the right keywords for their ASO strategy. This includes keyword research tools, competitor analysis tools, and more.

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