About ASO Dragon

ASO Dragon is an advanced and proprietary technology and marketing platform for App Store Optimization designed for app marketers interested in efficiently reaching high ranking of their mobile apps in the app stores.

Our Story

Our founding team at ASO Dragon is comprised of leading experts in the SEO, Acquisition and Technology development fields. With nearly two decades of SEO experience and years of promoting mobile applications for our clients, we realized that proper ASO (App Store Optimization) was not possible without advanced tools and innovative technology.

After trying out nearly every solution we could find, we came to the conclusion that if we wanted to use advanced and efficient ASO tools that would get us and our clients the results we wanted, we had to develop our own. ASO Dragon was created by a team of SEO and Mobile professionals and engineers with over 15 years of experience in each of their respective fields.


Use ASO Dragon's keyword tools to research what keywords you should target in Google and the App Store.


Our services

Our robust technology and proprietary complex algorithms enable developers and marketing experts to analyze, follow & track apps & competing apps, providing suggestions for improvement on all levels & boost ROI.

Keywords & Category Tracking

No more guessing games! Use ASO Dragon’s keyword tools to research what keywords you should...

Facebook Optimization

The ASO Dragon Facebook optimization module allows you to make important decisions based on facts....

Competition Analysis

This ASO marketing tool is one of the most important tools to developing a successful...

In Depth App Analysis

Optimize your app based on in-depth analysis of your users' feedback and answer them directly...


Together with the leading experts in the SEO, Marketing, Acquisition and Technology development, our proprietary platform ASO Dragon helps app owners and developers promote their application in app stores by providing the most advanced ASO tools in the market.

What is ASO?

ASO stands for App Store Optimization, and it refers to the process of getting your app to rank higher in the app store (e.g. Google

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Optimizing the App Title

Adding keywords to your app title is a crucial part of your app store optimization strategy and not a lot of app publishers are doing

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Your App’s Description

Writing a good app description can help you get more downloads because it engages potential users and convinces them to try your app out. While

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Perfect App Keywords

Many developers and publishers don’t put the necessary effort into their keyword strategy. This means doing the brainstorming and research needed to choose the right

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Improve App Engagement

Your ASO (app store optimization) strategy should include managing and improving your app’s rating. Apps with higher ratings and better reviews rank higher in search

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Designing Your App’s Icon

More and more apps are being added to Google Play and the Apple App Store every day, which means that your app is slowly getting

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How do your competitors create successful campaigns?

Now you can learn all their secrets by tracking their activity and status in the App Store. Use unique insights to stay one step ahead of them and learn from their mistakes when promoting your app.


Led by a team of experienced engineers and ASO experts, we continue to develop and provide new and innovative tools as the industry changes and evolves, to ensure that our clients stay one step ahead of their competitors at all times.

Contact Us

For more information or to speak to one of our ASO specialist, please contact us:

Address:  Dolev 1, High Tech Park Bar Lev, Israel
Email:              contact@asodragon.com


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